CISO UK Summit | March 18, 2021 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations



Resetting Your Infrastructure Strategy for Challenging Economic Times Ahead

Executive Boardroom - 11:10 am - 11:40 am

2020's global pandemic has put new challenges in the way of executing a global supply chain strategy. Companies are rethinking how they build a resilient, knowledge-based infrastructure that can handle persistent uncertainty. New levels of agility, resilience, and especially cost control will be required from your data center resources. Join Nasuni's EMEA VP and former IT Director Andy Hardy and UK Manager, Neil McCrindle as they discuss three strategic responses companies are developing to meet these challenges by leveraging cloud-native file services: 

  • How you can build a knowledge based infrastructure accessible from anywhere
  • Why moving your data center resources to an OpEx model is essential to reducing your financial risk 
  • How cloud strategies are helping companies cut key operational costs in half

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