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Active Defense for the Enterprise of Things

Executive Boardroom - 12:30 pm - 12:50 pm

The world is changing... and so is the enterprise. Your organization became a veritable Enterprise of Things (EoT). Traditional PCs, mobile devices, cloud workloads as well as agentless IoT and OT devices. The benefits of this new world are huge. Organizations have flocked to connected devices because of the increased capabilities to support the monitoring and automation of their primary business processes. Add to that the cloud and a rush to a remote workforce, and there's no doubt we're in a new era of device connectivity.

Here's the thing: Everything that touches your enterprise exposes a potential risk. You must see it and secure it. Many of these devices have not been designed with security in mind, and each presents a new door for an attacker to enter and compromise an environment. This is one of the biggest security threats of our time. And yesterday's security strategies and technologies won't solve for this modern threat

Companies want to be custodians of this vast network of devices, not victims of it. This requires an active defense at scale and in real-time. In practice, that means being able to have continuously adaptive protection from threats through up-to-date, cloud-scale risk analysis all informed by the network data from thousands of other customers with millions of devices. That knowledge can then be used to identify, segment and enforce compliance of EVERY connected thing.


  • Secure every device on your network through Active Defense for the Enterprise of Things.
  • Use of Segmentation to apply Zero Trust across your Enterprise.
  • Reduce risk by simplifying IT and OT/ICS security, compliance and risk management.

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